SHAINA SURI is a designer and
photographer based in New Delhi & New York.



Photography, Lighting, Art Direction | 2022

'The Spotlight Series' is a project that explores portraits inspired by the style of classic rock music and concert photography. An exploration of processes including staged lighting, visual, and aural textures. The diptychs of the subjects are an homage to the history and legacy of the genre.

Lighting composition included  two-tone gels and backlights as a key part of the visual fabric of the project, to simulate the effects from a concert stage.

Physical manipulations were made to the lens in order to achieve the hazy glow and display the aura and energy of a musician at their show. The series was shot in one session with 5 different models; but the variable elements of the studio such as B-10 lights, position of softboxes, snoot, color gels, and music were transformed each time to represent their individuality and allow them to channel a new character for themselves within this realm.  

Kaitlyn Zhang
Tasha Dezelsky
Chiedza Kaseke
Krithi Nalla
Jimena Muguiro

This project was created as part of the Light & Image Spring 2021 class at Parsons School of Design. Under the guidance of artist, photographer, and educator, Tarah Douglas.
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