SHAINA SURI is a designer and
photographer based in New Delhi & New York.



Photography, Art Direction, Production | 2022

A fashion story in the style of Numéro magazine. Shot at Spring Studios. 

Intrigued by the concept of portals and the unknown depths of space, this 10-spread story uses the medium of fashion photography to explore a unique and contemporary definition of masculinity. Through the lens of surrealism, we experience the subject navigate this abstract space to get to another realm.


Model: Shashwath Santosh
Production Assistance: Krithi Nalla
Styling & Makeup: Liz Barnardo & Ilse Rocha
Location: Spring Studios, New York 

This project was produced as part of the Fashion Photography: A History Fall 2022 class at Parsons School of Design. Under the guidance of internationally renowned fashion photographer Barbara Bordnick.

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